Motorhome / Caravan Servicing in Essex and Suffolk

Welcome to colchester caravan services

Colchester Caravan Services offer a wide range of repairs and servicing for your caravan / motorhome.

Whether you are in the market to buy a second hand caravan / motorhome, book a caravan service, have your motorhome habitation service or need a caravan / motorhome repair Colchester Caravan Services are your number 1 choice. 

Situated near Colchester operating a fully mobile service covering Essex and Suffolk, being a mobile company this will save you time, money and inconvenience of taking your caravan / motorhome to a dealer, Colchester Caravan Services can carry out repairs and servicing at your home, storage site, or even at the campsite. 

Do I need to service my caravan?

  • Regular preventative maintenance will help identify safety and mechanical failures before the failure happens
  • Touring caravans are road vehicles with moving parts, wheels, running gear and brakes all of which need to be checked at least once a year
  • In additional habitation equipment such as cookers, heaters, and fridges all need regular safety checks  
  • Damp and water ingress can take control very quickly and regular damp checks can identify problems sooner rather than later  
  • Electrical installations 240 Volt AC and 12 Volt DC also require regular checks  
  • Many insurance companies insist on caravan servicing in order to validate any potential insurance claim