Caravan / motorhome servicing

Motorhome habitation servicing and caravan servicing in Colchester, Essex and Suffolk

Caravan / Motorhome Servicing & Repairs

We offer a full range of services and repairs at home, storage or on site.

Motor Movers

We can supply and fit a range of high quality motor movers to fit your budget.


Thinking of purchasing a second hand caravan? We offer a pre-inspection service giving you peace of mind.

What is included on a service?

Caravan annual

  1. Remove wheels & wheel hubs (Including any brake adjustment needed + Tyre wear check & date stamp)
  2. Check the hitch damper & grease hitch & check wear on friction pads
  3. Gas soundness test & Let-by Test
  4. Check the gas hose 
  5. Check operation of all gas appliances 
  6. Check the heating system operation
  7. Check the electrical system
  8. Check the 12v system (Internal & External Lights) + Full battery testing 
  9. Check the winding legs & grease
  10. Check the chassis for general condition
  11. Check the water system
  12. Adjust the handbrake
  13. Oil door locks,hinges & locker doors
  14. Full water ingress report ( NON INVASIVE DAMP METER USED – NO PIN HOLES )
  15. Full report printout

Motorhome habitation

  1. Gas soundness test & Let-by Test
  2. Check flexible gas hose
  3. Check all gas appliances 
  4. Check the heating system operation
  5. Check the water system
  6. Check the electrical system & 12v System + Full battery testing
  7. Carry out a full water ingress report ( NON INVASIVE DAMP METER USED – NO PIN HOLES )
  8. Oil door, hinges & locker doors
  9. Report printout

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